AKC Agility

Georgia Intenational Horse Park 1996 Centenial Olympic Pkwy E, Conyers, GA

Closed 02/19/2021

Agility Trial – October 2021

Wills Park Equestrian Center 11915 Wills Road, Alpharetta, GA

AKC All-Breed AGILITY TRIALS This Event is Accepting Entries for Mixed Breed Dogs Listed in the AKC Canine Partners Program ENTRY LIMITS: 330 runs per day per judge; 660 total Accepting AKC Online Entries https://www.apps.akc.org/apps/entry_management/index.cfm?action=SPLASH Outdoors, Under Permanent Cover on packed dirt, Ring Size 100’ X 100’ Trial Hours: Friday/Sunday... Continue reading

Winter Classic Agility Trial

Radda’s K9 Campus 49 Tilley Rd, Talking Rock, GA

Including Fast CAT this year! FAST CAT at Radda's K9 Campus in conjunction with the AOC Winter Agility trial!   Visit www.speeddogcoursing.com.   They can answer your questions, etc! Friday: all STD/JWW classes & all FAST classes. Saturday:   all STD/JWW classes plus Premier STD/JWW. Sunday: all STD/JWW classes  

6th Annual Spring Classic Agility Trial

Perdue Arena 401 Larry Walker Pkwy, Perry, GA

Judges Michele Fletcher and Tim Verrelli   ENTRIES WILL OPEN ON Friday, Mar. 4, 2022 @ 9 a.m. at the Trial Secretary’s address. All entries received before this date will be returned. Overnight or certified mail must be sent with the “No Signature Required” waiver signed. • ENTRIES CLOSE ON... Continue reading

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