File Manager Instructions

When you login now you will notice that there is an additional menu at the top and bottom of the page.

File Manager is a new step which I have added for you.  It may be be useful in the future for maintaining multiple types of club files for archive purposes.

The application works very much the same as Windows file manager.  You can upload files, download, add directories, move files, etc.

As you move your mouse across the top bar of the File manager you will be able to see what each icon does.  The sixth icon from the left:   will upload files.

You will see that there are four files I have uploaded to start with:


Note that I have removed the dates (e.g. _04122021-2 on the class form).  By uploading to the same name when you change forms, you will not need to change the links on the individual pages.

When  you upload you will see this box:

I usually have better luck selecting files on my computer than dragging.

If the file has a same name as an existing file, which it will if you do not want to change the pages that call up the form, it will ask you if you want to replace the file or backup to keep a copy of the original file.

When you upload a new file, you may notice that when you click on the side tab to open it, the changes are not apparent. This is due to the fact that browsers cache images for speed. To view the updated form you may need to either clear your cache or press control/back on your browser menu.  It will then reload and display the new file.

If you wish to upload the files with a different name and then rename them, that will also work. Note that you can right-click on any file name for functions such as copy, paste, rename, download, etc.

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